About Me

I am a Designer, Silversmith and Jeweller based in Sheffield. I specialise in creating useable, sculptural objects that explore the relationship between the natural world and the manmade. I play with the notions of preciousness by re-contextualising everyday objects or artefacts and questioning people's perceptions of value. Through playing with aesthetic qualities, distorting the silhouette, and making the silver appear vulnerable and fragile, I aim to challenge everyday assumptions of what silverware is or isn’t whilst still producing a functional object.

The inspiration for my new collection came from the archives at the V&A Museum inLondon. I was drawn to the illustrations in the manufacturing log books rather than actual objects. I have produced my own abstract drawings, which I am then able to transfer on to silver in a modern context. I have used traditional hammering techniques; hand rising, forging, chasing & repoussè to do this.

My designs have gained me a number of prestigious awards and commissions some of them are from the Sheffield Assay office and Cutlers Hall.

I show my work in exhibitions and trade fairs round the country and in a few stockists now. Some shows include the V&A Museum in London and the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield.

If you have any questions, interested in purchasing, commissioning or have any queries please send me an email via the Contact page.

Thank you visiting my website